10 tools and training courses to boost your SEO game – Mashable

These days, it’s incredibly easy to build a website. Turning that website into a success, though? Not quite as simple.
You can perfect your online appearance as much as you want, but if it ranks low on search engines, nobody will see it. Your company has got to be one of the first results; otherwise, you might as well be invisible.
Fortunately, even if you’ve never thought about SEO a day in your life, there are tools and training courses that can help you boost your ranking. Here are 10 of them, all on sale:
RankTools Pro is like a digital doctor for your website. The app diagnoses your site’s key performance areas, looking at everything from your Google rankings and social media standings to your IP impact and malware. Using over 20 different tools, it’ll then help you devise a solid SEO plan so you can rank higher and bring more traffic to your site.
Worth $1,199.40, a lifetime subscription to RankTools Pro is currently just $29.99(opens in a new tab).
Total beginner when it comes to SEO? This simple tool will help streamline the process and revolutionize your SEO game by breaking down everything into three key parts: competitor and keyword identification, backlink research, and page auditing. You’ll get access to 21 different tools to help you amp up your site’s ranking and make strides in your marketing game.
Typically $500, you can slash 95% off and get a lifetime subscription to SERPstash for just $24(opens in a new tab).
Amazon rules everything around us. If you’ve already hopped on the selling game, this consultancy package can give you insights into your competitors’ pricing strategies. That way, you can get a leg up and increase your traffic. It takes just seven working days and the entire package includes an SEO health checklist, up to two new SEO optimized product descriptions, meta, picture, and alt tags, and product hosting on the product listing site.
This consultancy package is usually $325, but you can get it on sale for just $79(opens in a new tab).
Taught by a best-selling Amazon author, entrepreneur, and SEO coach, this course will show you how to drown out competitors and rank on Google. You’ll begin with a free 15-minute coaching call to ask any questions you may have. Then, in less than an hour, the content will cover how to gauge your competition, use authoritative sites to rank in Google, and use webmaster tools to check your performance, and crawling and indexing status.
Typically $200, you can slash 93% off this training and get it for just $12.99(opens in a new tab).
Through 29 lectures and two hours of content, this course covers the four most effective ways to sell on Amazon: Amazon SEO, recommendation algorithms, Amazon ads, and high-converting product listings. You’ll learn how to dominate your product niche after studying the case of a million-dollar business. 
This course usually retails for $200, but you can sign up now for just $12.99(opens in a new tab).
If you’re unfamiliar with the way the web works, don’t fret. This Technical SEO course can get you up to speed in just one day. With just two hours of training, you’ll uncover all the tips and tricks to make your site rank higher in SEO, boost engagement, and increase conversions. It’s like an insider’s guide to keeping your web pages user and search engine-friendly.
Originally $200, this course is on sale for just $12.99(opens in a new tab).
Across eight courses and over 200 lectures, this training bundle will help you earn a coveted spot on the first page of Google’s search results. You’ll master everything from keyword research and conversion rate optimization to content marketing, and social media. Heck, you’ll even get a master course in the complex, but incredibly lucrative Google Adwords.
Valued at $979.92, this training bundle is just $30 here(opens in a new tab).
If you’ve got the basics of SEO down, but want to dive in a bit deeper, this advanced course is the way to go. In just an hour, you’ll discover concepts like Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and Term Frequency times Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) – or in other words, the secrets of the pros that you can’t just Google. With lifetime access, this course will help you future-proof your SEO strategy and keep you focused on the right tactics.
Pick up this Beyond the Basics course for just $19(opens in a new tab) now.
This 12-lecture course will show you three new ways to get traffic to your website in under an hour. You’ll learn how to rank higher in search traffic through image best practices like sizing, rendering, and tagging, and put your new knowledge to the test through high-performing social media posts.
Typically retailing for $200, you can get the Google Image SEO course for $12.99(opens in a new tab).
Wrapping 16 SEO courses into one, this 15-hour training guide offers instruction on everything from SEO basics, to keyword research, and on-page optimization, to search optimization strategies for images and videos. You’ll learn about backlinking and email marketing best practices and ultimately discover how to use all of these things to make your site look and act more professional within its niche. You’ll even walk away with a shiny certification when you complete the course.
Worth $97, this master course is just $19.99 here(opens in a new tab).