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Declutter and organize your home with the best quality storage items and home organizers. Check out the amazing Kickstarter deals on home storage on Amazon.
It is essential to have proper storage space that can keep your belongings safe. No matter how small or big your room is, if your things are often scattered around, you will easily lose something or won’t be able to find it when you need it. This is why organizers and storage spaces are made to keep your belongings secured and in place. With the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022 just around the corner, all Amazon users, it’s the perfect chance to get hold of your favorite products at discounted prices. Keep reading to know more.
This sturdy and useful cloth drying stand is made from good quality white coated stainless steel and virgin PPC plastic that is non-breakable. It also has 4 colored roller wheels and 2 braking wheels that increase the mobility of this product and makes it easier to use. This product also comes with a detailed product manual which makes it easier for you to assemble.
Happer Premium Double Supported 3 Layer Cloth Drying Stand
Price: Rs 5000
Deal: Rs 2099
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2. AmazonBasics 24 Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer
Tidy up your room quickly with this over-the-door shoe organizer from Amazon. This is a hanging storage product that provides a space-saving solution for your beloved shoe collection. This is a great alternative to shoes spilling out of a closet or getting piled up near the entryway. This hanging shoe organizer contains 24 pockets that can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. Made of mesh-fabric pockets and 3 solid metal hooks, this shoe organizer will be a life-saver if your footwear is lying around your house haphazardly.
AmazonBasics 24 Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer
Price: Rs 1600
Deal: Rs 659
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3. AmazonBasics Fabric 4-Drawer Storage Organizer Unit
This 4-drawer fabric based storage organizer is an eco-friendly solution for organizing your closet, bedroom, playroom, and more. This product is lightweight and all the drawers are removable. It has a very subtle and minimal look to match with your interiors and modern household. It has a steel frame that is durable and a laminated wood top shelf.
AmazonBasics Fabric 4-Drawer Storage Organizer Unit
Price: Rs 5000
Deal: Rs 2539
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4. Fun Homes shirt cover bag
The biggest issue we face with closets and wardrobes is that even ironed clothes get crumpled after some time. This 3-piece parachute shirt cover prevents your freshly ironed clothes from getting crumpled in the wardrobe. This organizer can hold your clothes in a single place and will also leave extra space for other things. It has 2-way steel zippers that make it easy to use.
Fun Homes shirt cover bag
Price: Rs 1199
Deal: Rs 599
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5. Happer Ace Plus Large Foldable Metal Ironing Board
If you think you are spending a lot by sending your clothes for ironing, this product is here to save your money. This ironing board is a one time investment that will save you a lot of money. It has a wire manager that helps you keep annoying wires out of your way while ironing. The iron holder built-in is made with good quality material that is heat resistant. You can even adjust the height of the table according to your need.
Happer Ace Plus Large Foldable Metal Ironing Board
Price: Rs 6000
Deal: Rs 2999
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6. ChillyFit 4 PACK Bathroom Rack
This bathroom organizer is perfect if you have a compact or limited sized washroom and don’t have any space for a table or any extra furniture item to keep your essentials in. This is a wall mounted shelf that helps you store daily products and the deep basket can prevent the items from crashing down. This bathroom organizer is made of 100% rustproof PP material that is non-fading, scratch-resistant, and durable, and can hold upto 10 kg weight.
ChillyFit 4 PACK Bathroom Rack
Price: Rs 3499
Deal: Rs 647
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7. Acco & Deco Wall Shelves
Wondering what to do with that awkward corner of the living room? This corner shelf organizer is all you need, it offers you 5 tiers of spacious vertical storage with beautifully styled rounded shelf corners. It is made of high quality engineered wood and comes in a classy brown color. This is a made-in-India product that can be used to store books, files, decorative items, cosmetics & display items etc.
Acco & Deco Wall Shelves
Price: Rs 2890
Deal: Rs 846
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Now that you’ve checked out some of our picks, look around your house and see what are the right options for you. We hope you have fun organizing your home and shelves as much as we did reviewing these items for you. Hurry up and grab the deals before your pick runs out of stock!
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