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AMZ Bees has recently released a case study providing details of how they helped scale a one product brand from $50k a month to $20M a year. This e-commerce agency is noted for its expertise in Amazon account management.
AJMAN, United Arab Emirates, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AMZ Bees continues to add value to its clients with its highly rated full-service Amazon account management service. The renowned e-commerce agency has recently released a case study detailing how they helped a product brand scale to a whopping $20M a year from a moderate $50k a month in quick time. With deep expertise in advanced PPC strategy, listing conversion optimization, continuous testing, and problem solving, AMZ Bees has been instrumental in growing and managing dozens of brands on the Amazon Marketplace.
The recently released case study is now available at
AMZ Bees started working on this account June 1st, 2020. Though the brand had huge potential, it was heavily under-optimized and required work beginning with listing optimization and bringing all variations into a single parent ASIN. Post back-end SEO optimization of the listing, the company tested out dozens of primary 3rd level PPC campaigns that helped double the sales within the first month itself.
By the end of the third month, the client's infographics were upgraded, with the A+ content, storefront content, and listing copy also enhanced. After establishing good Sponsored Products campaign foundations, AMZ Bees started focusing on improving their PPC structure by growing Sponsored Video, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display.
Some of the key milestones achieved by AMZ Bees during this project include:
Helped the brand achieve bestsellers badge and move into the top 100 of its main category in Q4 2020.
The brand was featured on national TV and sold $100k on the last day of 2020.
$675k in sales achieved during 2021 Black Friday, combining lightning deals and Prime-exclusive discounts.
Almost $1M in sales in January 2022.
"Being a part of a complete Amazon business transformation is an irreplaceable feeling. Laser-focused actions always pay off even more than your bravest expectations," said AMZ Bees founder Klaidas Siuipys. "The road was challenging with its ups and downs, but the long-term strategy helped us achieve every milestone through the journey."
Whether someone is new to Amazon or a seasoned seller, working with an Amazon agency can help take care of a business's e-commerce health while freeing up valuable time to focus on other important aspects of their business and life. Klaidas Siuipys, the company's founder, has employed the Beehive Principles of loyalty and hard work in his business model. "Every client is a top priority," he says. "We aim to handle the heavy-lifting, and we believe in our clients' success. Together is always the better option to grow."
For those interested in additional information about the AMZ Bees Amazon seller account, visit the company's official website at
Contact Name: Klaidas Siuipys
Contact Phone: +1 231-825-3486
Contact Email: [email protected]
About AMZ Bees
AMZ Bees is an e-commerce agency that grows and manages brands on Amazon with advanced PPC strategy, listing conversion optimization and problem solving.
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