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San Antonio-based Pear Analytics has announced that it has managed to save over $20,000 for its clients since implementing fraud protection monitoring for its PPC advertising services. Readers can find out more about the company’s PPC services in San Antonio, TX, by heading over to
PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of advertising on the internet. As the name suggests, when an individual or company pays for PPC advertising, they pay the advertising platform each time a user clicks on its online ads. PPC advertising is immensely accurate and highly scalable as it helps advertisers track exactly how their money is being spent and how effectively their campaigns are resonating with their target demographics. This is a far cry from traditional offline advertising methods for which the reach and visibility cannot be easily quantified.

However, one of the biggest pitfalls of PPC advertising is the high degree of click fraud that many advertising platforms are vulnerable to. Since the advertiser pays per click, scammers, who run the sites that the advertisements are being shown on, may use automated clicking programs to artificially increase the click count on ads. Since the scammers themselves get a cut of the money that the advertiser pays the underlying advertising platform, inflating the number of clicks increases their profits. However, this increase in ad spend for companies brings them no value as the clicks are from bots and not real people. Moreover, this strategy can also be maliciously used by a company’s competitors to waste its advertising budget.
Pear Analytics recognized how serious this problem is within the PPC advertising space and partnered with ClickCease to help its clients combat it. ClickCease is a top-rated, click fraud and ad fraud prevention service for Google and Facebook Ads. It detects and blocks clicks from competitors, “brand haters”, as ClickCease calls them, who are on a mission to malign a company in bad faith for a perceived slight or any other agenda, bots, accidental clicks, and click farms. The software is trusted by more than 13,000 advertisers across a diverse range of industries.
“Adding ClickCease to our arsenal of tools to help manage PPC ads effectively has been a huge win,” says Ryan Kelly, founder of Pear Analytics. Kelly adds, “Our clients have been shocked at the amount of bad traffic clicking on their ads and are super happy that we have the right tools to help.”
The fraud protection monitoring service was introduced by Pear Analytics for its clients just this year, in 2022, and is included free with every account. The company’s consumer-facing dashboard shows its clients, exactly how much money the company has saved them in advertising costs. According to ClickCease’s research, ad fraud and click fraud together accounted for losses of over 20% of PPC advertisers’ budgets in 2022. Since Pear Analytics says that its clients, on average, spend anywhere between $1,000 to $15,000 on their advertising budget with the company, cleaning around 20% of all the traffic equates to huge savings for them. Pear Analytics is now able to prevent wasted clicks and allow more of its clients’ daily and monthly budgets to go towards promoting their products to actual real humans. For more information on how the company audits Google PPC campaigns, readers can watch the company’s YouTube video at
Pear Analytics is a boutique digital marketing agency with a special focus on analytics and measurement, conversion optimization, lead generation, and content marketing. Founded in 2008, the company also provides a range of other services such as digital marketing strategy formulation, PPC management, search engine optimization, web design & development, custom dashboards & reporting, marketing for nonprofits, and expert consulting for digital marketing and sales.
Pear Analytics can advertise its clients’ brands on several prominent online channels such as Google Ads, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, Amazon Seller Central, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Advertising, Microsoft Advertising, and Yahoo Ads.
Small business owners and solo entrepreneurs in San Antonio, Texas, and surrounding areas with an online presence can book a free strategy session with Pear Analytics by filling out a form on its website or talking to one of its representatives at (888) 427-2178. To view more details about the company, readers can visit its LinkedIn page at
For more information about Pear Analytics, contact the company here:
Pear Analytics
Ryan Kelly
(888) 427-2178
[email protected]
20079 Stone Oak Pkwy, Suite 1105-487
San Antonio, TX 78258

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