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By Allen Brown
In today’s digital age, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a pivotal role in the performance of any product on the market. If you sell products on Amazon, you’ll want them to rank high on Amazon’s search algorithm, also known as A9. Amazon’s product search algorithm differs from Google’s search engine, although they use the same concept of ranking unique keywords high on their search results pages. If you want to improve your ranking on Amazon, it is important to understand how A9 works. Here are the top 4 ways Amazon sellers can keep up with the algorithm changes.

1. Optimize Your Listing Title

First and foremost, you must try to optimize your Amazon product title so that it can rank high on A9. Your product title should have unique keywords with less than 200 characters to make it easy to read. Your product needs to be relevant, and it should tell a convincing story to potential customers to increase your sales. Your listing’s title is probably the most critical component that will determine the product performance search. Your title should include at least some of the following elements: product, brand, color, packaging, and quantity. You must include a major ranking keyword that will drive traffic to your site.
A good title should describe the product and increase your ranking. A perfect description of the product helps promote customer engagement, which leads to increased conversion rates in return. Likewise, a poor product description can lead to negative buyer feedback that can affect sales. Therefore, you must constantly upgrade your product title to keep pace with the Algorithm changes that may take place.

2. Utilize Coupon Discount Codes

If you are an Amazon seller, you can consider using coupon discount codes for your business. You should check online to access the providers of the coupons that enable you to get 50% off for your plan. We are living in an ever-evolving digital world, so you need to keep pace with the technological advances taking place within the market. As an Amazon seller, you must keep up with the latest algorithm updates on the platform to succeed in your venture. Failure to keep pace with changes might cause your products not to appear on the first search engine results pages, which will lead you to lose potential customers.

3. Focus on Improving Your Conversion Rate

You must focus on improving the visibility of your product to increase your conversion rates. Different things can affect the conversion rates such as price, image quality, and customer reviews. Sellers should keep their prices competitive to achieve good Amazon conversion rates. Buyers can switch to other options available if they view pricing as unfavorable. Increased sales means that your site will get higher rankings.
The other important factor to keep in mind is that the number of product reviews you get determines your ranking. Answered questions also play a crucial role in determining your conversions. Sellers should use high-quality images and follow Amazon’s guidelines to keep pace with the algorithm changes. The pictures should not be blurry to allow the customers to see the products. You should ensure that the product listing has all the details required by the customers to make informed decisions.

4. Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Factors like the seller’s feedback promote customer retention. This means the seller must follow-up with the customers to motivate them to keep coming back. Delighted customers will leave positive feedback on your site, which helps improve your ranking. However, you must be careful to avoid negative feedback since it affects the performance of your product. You must also provide timely responses to your customer queries and other things they might be interested in knowing.
You need to ensure that your products are all priced competitively to appeal to the emotional interests of various customers. Essentially, favorable prices on Amazon products attract the customers, not the brand. If the buyer is interested in the brand, they can shop from the manufacturer’s website. Poor inventory management can negatively affect customer satisfaction if the buyers always experience some issues when they buy different products.
If you are on FBA business, you must aim to rank high on Amazon to increase your product’s visibility and sales. You can achieve this by providing relevant information about your products and offering competitive prices. Regardless of Amazon’s algorithm changes, you must always aim to ensure customer satisfaction. Above all, it is vital to keep your customers happy to foster brand loyalty and increase your profits, both in the short and long terms.
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