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Videos have evolved into an effective sales and marketing tool, assisting global clients in making purchasing decisions throughout their sales journey. But to make sure no people are left out, you must ensure that you have the means to translate a video.
The best video translator also acts as an effective SEO technique since they make your video available to more people in different regions. That being said, there’s no other way to make your video content more relevant to the worldwide market than our top 5 best video translation services.
You have the option to translate YouTube videos. It will appear as ‘subtitles’ so your viewers can access them in their native language. Using subtitles with different translations increases your video’s accessibility to viewers outside your country or region and aids in building a global audience. However, if you post to another platform, there is no certainty that an inbuilt video translator will be accessible. Thus, you will need to use a third-party application.
To translate a video, YouTube offers tools and options to make your videos appear in the correct language to the intended audience. You can manually add subtitles or submit a CSV file to localize the video using YouTube’s Material Manager to manage claimed content.
Simply go to YouTube Studio and Sign in. Select Subtitles from the left menu, then Select a Video to start. If you haven’t chosen a language for a video, you’ll be prompted to do so before proceeding. Choose Add Language and the language to which you want your material to be translated. Click Add under Title & Description. Finally, insert the translated title and description, and press the Publish button to translate a video successfully.
Translation is the process of transforming a written text from one language to another. Translators work on this and ensure that the original written word is faithfully transmitted in the same style, tone, and register as before, but without exaggeration or omission.
However, in the strictest sense, a subtitle has very restricted capabilities. Although it is a type of audiovisual translation, the spoken material of a video is translated and shown as text. You may have noticed that messages are not always as exact as the real thought being spoken.
Whether you wish to translate video to English, French, Chinese, or others, these video translator services fit the role. It is worth noting that the technology giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon do not have the functionality of translating and dubbing videos. And therefore, technological startups are taking up the solution to this problem with a subtitle editor and other features to make your videos more accessible to every corner of the world.
Vidby provides AI-powered software for quick and precise video translation and video dubbing to 70 languages. With this approach, you can make your material available in practically any language as quickly as possible while maintaining its quality. Within 24 hours, you can translate and dub videos with 99-100% accuracy.
Intercultural teams benefit from Vidby’s easy and quick technology for automated video translation. As a result, creating video content takes on a new role in international collaboration for knowledge development and distribution of materials and messages.

Boost reach and views: You receive high-quality video translations in over 70 languages using Vidby technology. This enables you to successfully distribute your materials and messages in videos sent around the globe.
Generate higher income: With Vidby, you can quickly reach new clients in foreign countries. This, among other things, creates new company prospects and generates more revenue from your digital marketing efforts.
Fast results: This solution has invested much in developing translation software that provides both quality and speed. Consequently, you receive one minute of your original video translated and dubbed for you in roughly two minutes.
Cost-effective: You will receive your video translation and dubbing at a low cost in just a few clicks. There’s no need for convoluted contracts, dubbing artists, sound engineers, translators, or costly studio equipment.

Additionally, Vidby creates and explores new, sophisticated speech interfaces for natural interaction to ensure you get the best of the best.
The next idea for Vidby is to achieve varied voice colors and emotions to fit the characters of the videos. Though it does not exist yet as of this posting, the video translation service aims to make the sounds accurately classified by age and biological sex. Vidby’s voice interfaces will eventually be able to transmit emotions such as joy, rage, wonder, and grief. The upcoming advanced translation system will eventually discern emotions and intonations. It aims to establish sentence boundaries to allow for real-time translation.
99% accuracy with the speed of translation order from 1 to 70 languages in 1 day
80-90% accuracy in minutes (1-2 minutes of waiting for 1 minute of video length), making it well suited for operational information and when it is enough to convey the meaning
Automatic speech recognition with post editing tools, automatic translation, and voiceover
Works with terms (for example, the word “time” or “apple” in all languages will remain unchanged), so you can translate lectures on physics, mathematics, etc.
Works with accents that are compatible with your chosen language
With fully automatic ordering around the clock, ordering time is only 2-3 minutes
Lots of parameters and necessary settings for a professional approach
Transparent and understandable price immediately at the time of ordering
One of the best translation services that take pride in “convenience-price-speed-quality”
You get a division of voice acting by speakers, and you get to control the speed of pronunciation
Includes new videos with voice acting in new languages, subtitles of the original language and subtitles in all new languages, as well as video and audio files to choose from
It caters to profit-based purposes, so for one-time use, you can translate at least 1 minute, and 1 time, which does not require signing up.
What makes Vidby deserving of the first place is its unprecedented features that automate high-quality translations for your videos. So far, it has accommodated the needs of successful firms, colleges, governments, state institutions, and even the film industry. They do not just have the option to use videos to bridge the gap between cultures and languages. They also gain from increased multinational teamwork, faster time-to-market, and the formation of a worldwide knowledge community.

So, whether you’re looking for one-time assistance to translate video content, you’re a start-up, an SME, or a multinational corporate environment, Vidby can fulfill your video translation needs. Check out their prices or request a demo to get started.
GoTranscript offers video translator and transcription services in over 30 languages. You can effortlessly upload files using a web browser or a link. Then, select from a number of languages. You may pay for the video translator services with any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. You will receive the finished result through email when the task is completed.
Transcription is the first step in the video translation process. GoTranscript’s skilled human transcribers will provide a high-quality video transcript. Everything is done entirely by hand, with no machine participation, to ensure high standards. The video translator then uses the transcript to translate your material into your chosen language. Linguists who have had professional training will do the job.
It has one of the highest word-matching rates in the industry. GoTranscript picks the most skilled and experienced worldwide transcriptionists to work on general and domain-specific material. They also provide precision and dependability by implementing strong monitoring and feedback mechanisms to assess transcriber progress and keep the best talents.
Easy to navigate
99% word-match compatibility
2-in-1 video translation and transcription services
YouTube video translation and other special translation services
Professionals translate videos with no machine involvement
Incentivizes top translators to maintain a good work
Additional costs for other services
Not user-friendly editor
Subtitles only
Stepes, pronounced steps, delivers one of the best video translation solutions in over 100 languages to the world’s largest corporations. They help you engage worldwide audiences with best-in-class video translator services that are easier, quicker, and more cost-effective, thanks to industry-leading video localization breakthroughs. Stepes makes it possible to translate a video into a linguistically correct and culturally relevant video in all foreign languages on a large scale.
They offer complete video translation solutions to the world’s largest corporations, including language translation, multilingual voice-over, video subtitling, transcription, and multimedia development. Stepes has reinvented professional video translation services by leveraging cutting-edge digital media editing innovations that streamline audio transcription and subtitling, making the entire translation process smoother.
Stepes can provide its linguists immediate access to translated videos by automatically inserting target language subtitles. This enables linguists to make translation changes in real time and complete the assignment quickly. Its completely integrated video localization environment includes a variety of YouTube-like editing tools, resulting in a very simplified video translation process.
Uses digital media to improve translation services
Translates videos uploaded on YouTube and other platforms
Both client-centric and linguist/translator-centric
Subtitles with post editing tools
Provides a multilingual voice-over, video subtitling, and multimedia development
Costly translation services
Translator-centered that most output may lack quality
Ineffective revisions
By automatically translating your videos online, VEED.IO makes them available to a worldwide audience in 100+ languages. Because everything is done online, there is no need to download any program to translate a video. It has a 95% accuracy rate and allows you to simply alter the text translation. You may add your translation as subtitles to your content or save it as a TXT file for other videos you upload on different platforms.
You can save time and money by using VEED instead of manually translating your video or hiring costly translators. English, Spanish, French, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Indonesian, and other languages can be translated. Subtitles can be ‘produced’ for your video. This indicates that the subtitles will be permanently cached into the video. It will make your material available to a worldwide audience.
Moreover, when you use VEED, you can access a large selection of video editing features you will not find in other video translator services. Even if you have no experience in video editing, you can edit and translate your videos like an expert.
95% accuracy rate in over 100 languages
Different ways to download subtitle files
Subtitle editing feature
Lets you burn subtitles into your videos
Manually edits translations, or auto-transcribes
Additional hidden costs
Only offers subtitle translations
Inefficient subtitling editor
By developing various video production services, BURG Translations promises to make your material worldwide accessible. The video production services they offer include creating multilingual presentations for marketing, organizational training, and business communications. As a full-service language services provider, BURG pledges to deliver over 300 language options, including uncommon languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
BURG Translations features localized voice talent and streaming media creation for online videos of your offerings or services. It also includes professional presentations to customers or distributors worldwide. Its Video Translation Services procedure is a carefully developed risk management technique that constantly reduces the likelihood of a translation error to achieve your industry’s high accuracy requirements.
Accuracy is at the heart of quality. BURG begins with recruiting only the finest. Their hiring criteria are more stringent than ISO 17100:2015. Thus, BURG Translations has been a market leader in providing high-quality translation services for over eight decades. Obtaining and keeping ISO certifications displays their dedication to quality.
Focuses more on B2B video translator services
Applied risk management to reduce errors
Hires the best team/person to translate a video
ISO-certified translation solutions
24/7 customer support
It may take time to deliver outputs
Uses outdated technology for translation services
Lacks organization when it comes to serving clients
Overall, because we all rely on digital technology in a globalized environment, developing accessible content for an international audience is imperative. As you cater to global audiences, you gain access to consumers worldwide and discover the power of translated content. You can translate a video with accessible localized material, reach global audiences, and optimize video content effectively by referring to our top 5 best video translation services.
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