Amazon PPC - Perfect Launch Strategy Boost Sales

?he “Perfect” Launch ????????? of Amazon PPC

Promoting a new product involves directing potential customers to a product’s advertisement.
A systematic Amazon PPC strategic plan is the first step in a successful product launch on Amazon, and a systematic PPC approach begins with keyword research.

Keyword Research

Step 1: List the top 10 competitors with the largest sales who are also closely connected to your product.
Step 2: Locate the top 10 competitors keyword rankings using a reverse ASIN tool like Cerebro of Helium 10.
Step 3: Adjust the minimum number of competitors to 8 or 9 so that at least 8 or 9 competitors are all ranking for the keywords.
Step 4: Reduce the list of keywords to those that rank on page 1 by setting the minimum rank to 30.

Using a campaign checklist to set up and launch an Amazon PPC strategy after you’ve refined your list of keywords helps to ensure consistency and best practices are followed.

Campaign Launch

✅ Main Keywords for index and rank
– Launch the top 10 keywords
– 1 keyword per campaign – exact, broad and phrase

✅ Supplementary Keywords
– Launch the remaining keywords
– 5 keywords per campaign – exact, broad and phrase

✅ Branded Keywords/ASINs
– All of the main keywords with brand name included
– 2-3 keywords per campaign – exact, broad and phrase
– Branded ASINs – product protection

✅ Product Targets
– 1st list – highly relevant and competitive targets
– 2nd list – new arrival/low or bad reviews/higher priced
– 2-3 ASINs per campaign

✅ Auto Campaigns
– 4 separate campaigns – close match, loose match, complements, substitutes

(The feature image on the top of the page demonstrate the campaign structure)


✔ Covering both highly competitive, high search volume keywords and those that are less competitive and have lower search volumes will trigger Amazon’s ranking and indexing. Watch your ranking with Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker
✔ Branded keywords and ASINs will protect your brand
✔ Product targets let you steal customers from your competitors product pages
✔ Auto campaigns for sales based on data from Amazon and for finding new keywords

New Feature – Sponsored Brand video now links to Stores

Sponsored Brands video to Stores

You can now connect traffic from your Sponsored Brands video ad format campaigns to your Store on Amazon.

This new feature helps increase brand reach and engagement by connecting shoppers directly to a clients Store when customers click on their video ads.

Shoppers can explore an entire product selection and engage more deeply with brands in a customized Store environment where you’re able to tell the brand story in your clients own words, without any distractions from other brands or offers.

Advertisers who linked their Sponsored Brands campaign to a Store saw, on average, that shoppers spend 2x longer on their Store. Meanwhile, their product detail page views and sales increased by 55% and 15% respectively*.

Key benefits of linking Sponsored Brands video ads to a Store:

  • Boost reach and help more shoppers discover your clients Stores. Video is a highly engaging ad format that can help increase brand reach and visibility on Amazon. With Sponsored Brands video ad format, you’ll also unlock more unique ad placement opportunities compared to other static ad formats, giving you more opportunities to showcase your clients’ brands and products
  • Enjoy exclusive access to high-visibility top of search ad placements. When you link your video ad to a Store, you’ll get exclusive access to premium Top of Search placements, which isn’t available to video ads that link to product detail pages, to help raise visibility and reach. Previously existing Sponsored Brand video campaigns leading to a product detail page only serve below the fold in shopping results. Access to top of search placement for video creative will only be available to advertisers creating Store campaigns
  • Unified brand Store experience. This launch brings feature parity with Sponsored Brands static and Sponsored Brands video creative formats, making Stores available as destinations to drive shoppers from your clients Sponsored Brands campaigns. This well help enable partners and advertisers to develop campaign strategies for Sponsored Brands using both video and static formats together in a way that best drives the campaign goals of promoting a Store

If your brand is already enrolled, you may want to create a brand store which attract more customers and hence boost sales. Here are 5 Creative Ways To Grow Your Amazon Brand Store.

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