How to sell on Amazon. Beginners guide for selling on Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon Seller Central For Beginners

I know many of you guys are still facing issues while understanding the concept of selling on Amazon. Me being into this e-commerce field from the past 4 years and in the beginning I had the same issues. There was no one to help me out & to solve my queries. I searched google, read articles, watched YouTube videos, did everything from where I can understand how to start selling on Amazon but still had multiple doubts. It’s tough to understand when there’s nobody to explain in person.

After a long time here I am providing a comprehensive guide especially for the beginners who are facing trouble in getting their business online & selling on ecommerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart.

This guide will help the ones who are having their existent business offline or local and want to migrate it to online platforms. It is really essential to have the business and brand presence online to survive the competition.



Getting Started with Amazon Seller Account

To get onboard on Amazon Seller Central you will be needing couple of documents (you already would be having it if you are running good business locally), below are the list of documents you need:

  • Active Mobile Number
  • GST Number
  • Pan Card Details
  • Active Bank Account
  • Active Email ID

Follow this link to provide the above mentioned details & start getting orders in no time:

That’s pretty much all you need to start selling on Amazon, easy right?
This process will hardly take 10 – 15 mins if you have the documents ready before starting the process.

Here is the e-book in which all the details are mentioned precisely for getting started with Amazon Seller Account: Sell on Amazon E-book Guide


Selling on Amazon is easy, just create an account, start listing the products and you will receive the orders. I know it is not as simple as it sounds. People who are selling on Amazon knows this already, there are so many complications. I am telling you, getting 30 orders per month is a piece of cake but getting 30 orders per day is a real challenge!


Most of the Amazon sellers don’t even know what functions Amazon provide to grow account. They just know about creating a listing and fulfilling the orders. There are so many metrics that are there in the Amazon seller account & we are obliged to maintain these metrics in orders to sell our products without any disruption.

If we fail to maintain these metrics, our account might get suspended and we will not have the privilege to sell on the same account again. I am not frightening you but showing you a real picture which every other seller is facing including me with their Amazon seller account.


Topics that I will cover for growing your account from scratch

I will be explaining each and every minor things in detail related to Amazon Seller Account.
Below are the topics that I will be covering along with the issues/challenges I had faced while selling on Amazon in the past and the solutions that I came up with to resolve those issues:
1) Amazon Seller account dashboard
2) Going through with Amazon Seller navigations
3) Creating listings
4) Processing orders
5) Optimizing listings with the help of Helium 10 (if you don’t know about Helium 10, it’s a keywords & competitors research tool specifically for Amazon. Great tool by the way)
6) Amazon Advertisements or Amazon PPC/CPC (Pay Per Click/Cost Per Click)
7) Running different promotions
8) Raising a case with the support team
9) Enrolling your Brand in the Amazon Brand Registry
10) Secret ways of growing your Amazon Seller Account
11) Sell Globally
12) Secret hacks to get more sales

Stay tune for the latest updates, I am sure you will something useful.

Whether its day or night, weekday or weekend, for any queries related to Amazon Seller Account or anything else, just email me at [email protected] or contact me via the below contact form & I will get back to you in no time!

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