Amazon Seller Central Step Performance

Amazon STEP Learning Series 1 – Performance Metrics

Welcome to the Part 1 of Learning series and learn more about Amazon STEP Program.

In this part, we’ll provide you details on Regional In Stock % & Net Sales Volume These metrics may impact your level and benefits under the STEP Program.


What is Regional In-Stock %?

The new definition for Regional In Stock % is the percentage of your total customer orders where at the time of ordering, distance between your available product and customer location was within 300 Kilometers (KM). The new target to reach premium level you will have to meet 30% of Regional In Stock.


Regional in stock % = No. of your ordered units where at the time of ordering distance between on your available product and customer location was within 300Kms
———————————————Divided by———————————————
Total ordered units on your products

How to improve Regional In-Stock %?

  • Consider joining FBA and place your high demand products in either Amazon Fulfilment Centers or setup Flex sites (including multi Seller Flex sites) across the country to cover more Customers within 300 km of your inventory
  • If you are already an FBA Seller, then consider placing your inventory in maximum regions especially in high demand cities, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Lucknow. To place your inventories in these cities, you can become a part of Go-Local. Click here to be part of Go-Local
  • If you are registered in 3 or more states, then you can also enjoy benefits of Amazon Inventory placement program

To know more, please refer to Regional In-Stock % help page.

Net Sales Volume

What is Net Sales Volume?

Net Sales Volume is the total value of products provided to customers on at the price listed on products’ detail page excluding returns or cancelled products.


Net Volume = Product price * Quantity + Shipping + Gift Wrapping – Cancellation – Return (Customer
Accommodations) – Promotional Discount

How to improve Net Sales Volume?

  • Use Automate Pricing tool to maintain competitive low price on all your products
  • Bring more selection on the catalog to increase customer engagement
  • Minimize seller cancelled orders and customer returns
  • Always provide proper description in product detail page along with size chart (for apparels and shoes)
  • Provide high resolution and as many different images as possible with clear details of your product
  • Use Sponsored Products advertising service to promote your products listed on Amazon

To know more, please refer to Net Sales Volume help page.

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