Amazon Celebrates SMB Sellers’ Successes, Introduces New Tools at Virtual Event

Amazon heralded its shifting strategies to help sellers expand with new tools during its two-day Accelerate Seller Conference this week. The e-commerce giant announced its growing success with American small and medium-sized businesses empowerment this year, its glowing Sellers Report, and the results of its unique CRM tools for SMBs. In the 12 months ending […]

Back-To-School Marketing Amid Inflation & Economic Anxiety

In Amazon’s back-to-school campaign this year, there are two stars—actress Kathryn Hahn, and low prices. The latter is a key part of the retailer’s marketing strategy as Amazon seeks to entice budget-watching shoppers who are more price-conscious than ever. “This year, knowing the financial pressure parents are feeling, we focused on how we can help […]

Product-on-demand: China’s New DTC Brands Aren’t Just Faster, They’re Changing The Game – The Drum

A new wave of Chinese direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, such as Shein and Anker, have gone stratospheric in the last couple of years. For The Drum’s e-commerce deep dive, EPAM Continuum’s Miro Jin tells us what others can learn – and which keys to their success western brands might struggle to emulate. EPAM Continuum digs into […]

Google Seller & Product Reviews + Negative Review Scams

Product & Seller Ratings Having high Google product and seller ratings is paramount for building your credibility. A consumer is more likely to purchase your products or services when they see a high rating. This is also important for building your credibility as a trusted seller. Product Ratings While most of you probably know the […]

Top Natural Language Processing Companies 2022

These leading Natural Language Processing vendors can help AI deployments “learn” how to listen and interact with humans. As more and more companies adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of sectors, these AI are inevitably put in positions where they have to interact with human beings. From customer support chatbots to virtual assistants like […]

Latest Marketing Trends For July 15, 2022

Amazon: Most retail reports suggest a successful Prime Day for the Seattle e-commerce giant, which hosted its annual summer sales holiday on July 12 and 13. Sixty-two percent of consumers shopped exclusively at Amazon over the two-day period, according to market research firm Numerator, despite scores of other deals from competitors such as Target and […]

Voice Search: What Is It & How Does It Work? – Search Engine Journal

Don’t miss out on sales because your site hasn’t optimized for voice search. Learn the best practices and get started today with this guide.If your business isn’t focusing on voice search optimization, you could be missing out on sales.Voice search’s gradual rise and dominance in the search engine landscape can’t be ignored.Smartphones, smart speakers, cars, […]

Global Affiliate Marketing Platform Industry Refocusing On The Market Fundamentals And Forecast Analysis – EIN News

There were 1,824 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 247,716 in the last 365 days. Affiliate Marketing Platform MarketAffiliate Marketing Platform Market Price History, Size Estimation, Latest Research, Business Analysis and Forecast 2022-2030Taj Prudour Pvt Lmt + +1 8574450045 email us hereYou just read: EIN Presswire’s priority is source transparency. We do […]

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