30 questions to ask that so-called PPC 'expert' before hiring him/her – Search Engine Land

Processing…Please wait.Search Engine Land » Amazon » Amazon Advertising » 30 questions to ask that so-called PPC ‘expert’ before hiring him/herWhen it comes to pay-per-click (PPC), it’s often best to call in the experts. But sometimes even experts need to be put to the test.The following are a variety of questions and their answers from […]

Amazon advertising attribution: Here's how it works – Search Engine Land

Processing…Please wait.Search Engine Land » Amazon » Amazon Advertising » Amazon advertising attribution: Here’s how it worksAmazon is complex. Amazon Advertising is really complex. And Amazon Advertising Attribution – well, that’s another level entirely!Amazon Sales Attribution is when Amazon assigns credit for a sale to a specific campaign. For example, when a user clicks on […]

Amazon's Under-The-Radar Advertising Strategy To Control 5% Of Global Retail – Forbes

(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities, just made a startling prediction about Amazon in a recent interview on CNBC. “In my estimation Amazon has 1.5% of global retail. It can easily reach 5%, and probably 10% over our lifetimes,” he said.Pointing to Fulfillment by Amazon and Amazon Web Services as its […]

Amazon PPC Challenges Google Ads – Search Engine Journal

A study of billions of dollars in Pay Per Click (PPC) expenditures reveals insights into spending trends, particularly between the platforms hosted by Google and Amazon.The study was conducted by Marin Software, extrapolated from billions of dollars of PPC budgets. Wes MacLaggan, SVP of Marketing at Marin Software offered this insight:“While Google and Facebook continue […]

A Simple Guide To Amazon's Complicated Advertising Business – Forbes Now

AMG, AMS, AAP, ACoS… Trying to keep track of all these Amazon advertising acronyms is enough to make anyone’s head spin. But consumer brands and advertising agencies alike are learning the new language of Amazon advertising as it is set to start competing more directly with Facebook and Google.   Put simply, Amazon Media Group (AMG) […]

How to Use Amazon Hidden Keywords to Boost Discoverability – Search Engine Journal

Here’s how to find and use Amazon’s Hidden Keyword feature – a useful, free option to make your products more visible in their search results pages.Amazon calls them “hidden keywords” in their documentation, but I’ve heard them called many things, including search terms, Amazon keywords, product keywords, and backend keywords.I’ve also heard varying methods for […]

How to find low competition keywords with semrush

How To Find Low Competition Keywords Using Semrush

It all starts with organic search engine results positions. Here you need to Go to Semrush Organic Research option to start the keywords research.

Enter a competitor’s website address and click Search.

You will get a list of keywords for which your competitor’s website is rankings in the top 100 organic search results on Google.

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