Despite Trump crackdown on H-1B visas, Indians are still crazy about US jobs –

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Donald Trump’s crackdown on work visas in the US has barely deterred Indian techies.
Around 3.7% of the total clicks on US-based tech jobs on, between April 1, 2018, and March 31, 2019, came from India, according to data from the portal. At 0.6%, Canada trailed at a distant second in clicks coming from IP-addresses outside the US.
This Indian craze for American jobs persists despite a series of steps by the Trump administration that make it harder for foreign workers to get the highly sought-after H-1B visa. Indians are the biggest beneficiaries of the H-1B, which allows professionals to live and work in the US for up to six years.
However, the protectionist environment in the US may have started to take a toll, finally.
Between January and March, Indian techies’ clicks on US-based jobs fell by nearly 8% year-on-year on Techies from the UK and Pakistan were even less inclined to apply than those from India.
Meanwhile, Germany, France, and Russia posted the largest year-over-year increases in their shares of clicks on US tech job listings, each up over 25%.
“Foreign interest appears to be highest for difficult-to-fill tech jobs,” the report said. Data show there is a higher foreign click-share on job listings that have lower clicks overall.
Moreover, US tech jobs with higher average salaries also had higher foreign clicks. “This relationship may reflect visa requirements,” the report said. “Visas, such as the H-1B, are expensive to process. To make it worthwhile to an employer, these workers should be highly skilled and worth the cost.”
Developer and engineer roles were most sought after while technician and support roles drew the least attention among foreigner jobseekers, as per Indeed’s analysis of tech jobs with a minimum of 50,000 total clicks.
This article first appeared on Quartz India.